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Prevailing child marriages biggest handicap in women empowerment: UN

Women_empowerment-26-10-2012Prevailing child marriages across the country has posed the biggest challenge to Indian women's, over all development and financial empowerment. Taking stock of existing condition in certain states and their poor condition the four UN agencies have asked India to check such marriages which have reached an alarming proposition. 

Message was read out loud-and-clear to government to take an 'incremental action' on first International Day of Girl Child Day, celebrated across the world. 

'Child marriage is not a solution to protect girls from sexual crimes', jointly written by UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, and Information centre to Women and Child Development Union Ministry. 

There must be involvement of family, community, society, panchayats and women in order to keep a check on child marriages, she stated. 

Expressing their concern over it, the UN stated that more than 40 percent of the world's child marriage takes place in India. Even in eight states more than half of young girls are married before the age of 18 years. 

Expressing concern at prevailing situation, Anne Stenhammer, regional program director of UN Women, stated that child marriage is a fundamental human rights violation and impacts all aspects of a girl's life. She said that their aim is to alert and raise awareness on the negative effects of child marriages on girls and society. 

Highlighting various ill effects of child marriage, she stated that it denies girl childhood, disrupts her education, minimizes opportunities, increases her risk to be a victim of violence and affect her health also. Stenhammer said that it poses a bigger challenge to achieve millennium development goal and healthy development communities.

Lauding their ongoing programs for women empowerment, the UN government is conducting program to promote women's political leadership and governance in 16 districts in Odisha, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhara Pradesh. The program has helped over half million elected women representatives with knowledge and skills to participate in local governance.

Emphasizing on its need she said, child marriage prevention is part of program agenda and Mahila Sabha.
Source : pardaphash.com